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Rattie Bath Time | Bathing my 5 Pet Rats

Rattie Bath Time | Bathing my 5 Pet Rats

How I bathe my 5 pet rats!

Rats Names from beginning to end: Toph, Sadie, Kaylee, Mal and Gin. Mal and Gin are 3 month old neutered males. Toph, Sadie and Kaylee are all females and a little over a year old. Kaylee is the “alpha” of our mischief.

To address the ridiculous amount of comments I’m sure to see about not bathing rats. Rats can be bathed if kept as pets, it should not be done often, but it won’t hurt to do it every once in awhile. There are many reasons to bathe a rat, age, illness, dominance urination, build up of buck grease, mess from food and litter in their cage. Mine get a real bath once every few months. Every few weeks, they get a wipe down with a damp towel or baby wipe, which doesn’t penetrate the fur to the skin, but clears off surface dirt/grease. I had just introduced the boys to the group and the boys have been urinating quite a bit on the girls and each other. Gin was found sitting in a puddle of pee this morning, so it was time for a bath. I won’t be responding to doomsayer abuse comments, bathing a rat is not abuse.

Warm water is used for their bath, along with a small amount of baby shampoo. They do make shampoo for small animals, but baby shampoo is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, tear free and readily available. When bathing a rat, be careful not to get water into their ears. It is best not to wash their heads at all. My big female, Kaylee has a build up of something near her eye, a quick wipe of water with my finger (no soap), is all that is needed to clear it up.

The girls are very used to baths, but they still squirm during the bath. It’s definitely not their favorite, then again I haven’t met many dogs that like baths either. This was the boys’ first bath. Mal had some stress poops during the bath. This is a normal reaction to stress and happens with new rats in many different new environments for them, not just a bath. A few of my girls did the same when they were young, but quickly got over it and now just tolerate the bath. Toph pooped on me every time I took her out for shoulder rides for 2 months before she chilled out. Now they are all well adjusted. This is actually Mal’s first stress poop since coming home with me.

Enjoy the video. Next time they get a bath, I will upload a better video, I know the camera placement on this one isn’t the best.

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