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Hobbit Hole Hamster Hideout

Hobbit Hole Hamster Hideout


For the new Lord of the Rings inspired Shire Cage that I created for my hamster I had to build and create quite a few things myself, including this hobbit hole hamster hideout. The hideout and accompanying doors and signs took me about a couple of hours to make. Below is the list of supplies that I used and links to where I purchased them.

Hideout Supplies


First I made the hobbit house. The set of garden grass that I purchased came with four 6” squares. I used two of the squares to make this house. On each of the squares, I made two cuts with my blade at each corner. The cuts are there so you can weave the zip ties through the material and get it latched to the house without having to use a glue, which could be toxic to your hamster.

After making my cuts on each square, 16 cuts total, I wove the zip ties through each corner. For this project, you’ll need 8 zip ties. I used black, but if you can find green they might blend a little better. When your zip ties are all woven into your grass, you’re going to secure it to the hut. I shoved, each zip tie into my hay hut and secured them on the underside, so they aren’t visible from the outside. Cut off the excess of each zip tie and make sure to hide the cut end within the hay hut itself. You don’t want your hammie getting cut up on a sharp piece of zip tie.


Your hay hut should be fully covered in grass on the sides when you finish. I placed the hut on the bedding in his enclosure and put green carefresh bedding along the sides to simulate a hill, like an actual hobbit hole.

Hobbit Hole Hamster Hideout
This is his hobbit hole before I added the carefresh covering.


Acrylic Paint SetNow for the finishing touches. I painted a door to his hut, a sign that reads “Ham End” and a “ No admittance, except on party business” sign for his front gate. The wood that I used for the door and two signs was purchased at Michaels for about 20 cents a piece. You can find these online, but they are much cheaper in store.


I used an acrylic paint set for the door and signs. The front of the door was painted an emerald green, just like the door at Bag End, with a gold knob. Black lines were painted underneath the green paint to simulate the wooden panels used. Because I leave his door propped open, I also painted the inside. The inside was painted a light brown color and decorated just like Bag End’s door with flowing black iron grates.







His signs are also painted a light brown color with black used for the handwriting. The “Ham End” sign has black paint for the lettering, while the party sign uses sharpie. I painted the party sign last and figured out that sharpie was much easier to do wording with, especially when trying to use Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings handwriting.

After letting the signs and door dry they were placed in his enclosure to add the final finishing touches to his Shire enclosure. To see instructions for the full enclosure click here. If you would like to see video of his enclosure, check out the Hammie and Friends YouTube channel here.


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